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DeKalb County receives Bronze SOLSMART designation


DeKalb County was recently awarded a Bronze designation from SOLSMART for the Planning and Sustainability Department’s outstanding efforts to encourage homes and businesses to covert to solar energy use. The introduction of quick and user-friendly permit processes for residents, solar workshops, and a comprehensive website helped the County earn a SOLSMART’s Bronze Designation.

DeKalb County Commissioners Kathie Gannon, Jeff Rader and Environmental Energy Manager Billy Malone were presented this award during the National Association of County’s Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio in July.

“I am proud of DeKalb’s track record in sustainability and excited that we are continuing to increase our capabilities. The results are showing that more of our citizens are interested in the benefits of solar energy,” said Gannon.

SolSmart is a new national designation program designed to recognize communities that have taken key steps to address local barriers to solar energy and otherwise foster the growth of strong local solar markets. Communities can earn a gold, silver or bronze designation based on points for making it easier for residents to convert to solar energy development.

For more information about SOLSMART and their commitment to clean energy, visit

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