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Charis Books honors Anne Olson as “July Book Curator” Age hasn’t stopped Anne Olson from remaining extremely active in her Atlanta community. The 80-year-old is being honored by Charis Books and More


Business News

Tempers flare over mega CID at Stonecrest Business Alliance meeting


Organizers of the new East Metro Community Improvement District (CID) will provide quarterly meetings to give business owners in and around the self-taxing district updates on the progress of the initiative.


DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May promised the quarterly meetings this week after Wesley Dowdy, chairman of the Stonecrest Business Alliance, voiced their concerns and opposition to the CID formation.

Dowdy says he and other members of the alliance were forced into the CID. He accused May of lying to them about issues regarding the mega CID and holding meetings about the CID behind their backs.


“I’m glad the CEO came. I think it’s important for him to be able to voice his concerns. But at the end of the day, I just don’t think he gets the business perspective. I think his political endeavors are more important to him than the business community and that’s unfortunate,” said Dowdy. “County government didn’t listen to dissent. They did not hear our concerns. We believe this is a failure in the making because this CID is too big and was improperly created.”


The CID, which stretches 39 square miles from Stonecrest at Turner Hill Road exit to Gresham Road...


DeKalb expedites commercial permit process


DeKalb Development Services has launched its Expedited Commercial Plan Review program to provide commercial customers a 10-day turnaround for building permits.  

The new program, effective April 28, is the latest in a series of improvements designed to make DeKalb the most business-friendly county in the region.


“One of the best things we can do to stimulate our local economy is to improve our processes so that it is easy to do business in DeKalb County,” said Interim CEO Lee May. In order to meet this objective, DeKalb County has spent several months soliciting certified architects and engineers to become peer reviewers for the Expedited Commercial Plan Review Program.


To participate in the program, applicants first select a Peer Reviewer from the list of Approved Peer Reviewers.  Applicants then submit their plans to the Peer Reviewer, who informs the applicant of any code violations, and when in compliance, approves the plans.  Once the Peer Reviewer approves the plans, the applicant submits plans to DeKalb County, which in turn guarantees all reviews will take no longer than a total of 10 business days. 


To access the list of Approved Peer Reviewers, how to become a Peer Reviewer, or...


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