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Rockdale deputy fired for inappropriate relationship with inmate


A detention deputy with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office has been terminated for developing and continuing an inappropriate relationship with an inmate currently being housed in the Rockdale County Jail.  

Anna Salva, 31, of Conyers, was terminated by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 15 after an internal affairs investigation regarding allegations of inappropriate contact between Salva and an inmate were revealed.  

The initial report to the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) alleged that Salva had developed a personal relationship with an inmate that is currently being housed in the Rockdale County Jail.  

During the investigation, it was determined that Salva met and became close friends with the inmate after exchanging handwritten notes with the 

inmate during the hours in which she was working within the jail.  The investigation revealed that the relationship grew stronger between the two when Salva provided her cellular phone number to the inmate and allowed him to make pre-paid phone calls to her during her off-duty time. 


At present, over 500 minutes of recorded phone conversations between Salva and the inmate have been archived by OPS investigators. Salva used her personal funds to place money on the inmate’s fund account. She also used personal funds to send the inmate care packages through the jail’s commissary vendor using an alias name to avoid detection by the jail staff.  Additionally,

Salva created an online account through the jail’s pre-paid phone service provider and transferred personal funds to the inmates account so he could make phone calls to her.  The OPS investigation determined that the allegations were founded and Salva was placed on paid administrative leave. Salva also admitted to all allegations.  There was no evidence discovered during the OPS investigation that Salva and the inmate had any physical contact within the Rockdale County Jail.

“This is a situation that we take very seriously. These types of relationships are strictly prohibited, and are detrimental to the safe and efficient operations of the Rockdale County Jail.” said Chief Deputy Scott Freeman. “Although there was no evidence of a physical relationship between Salva and the inmate, it was determined that Salva violated numerous policies and procedures of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. After reviewing the information provided by OPS, and hearing Salva’s version of events, I terminated Salva’s employment from the RCSO.”

Salva was hired by the RCSO on Aug. 24, 2009 as a GCIC Operator in the Warrant/Civil Division.  On July 1, 2011, Salva was transferred to the Jail Division as a Detention Deputy.  


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