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Keeping the Legacy Alive at Shiloh Baptist Church

Dr. Edward W. Lee

MCDONOUGH—Dr. Edward W. Lee this month celebrated his 40th anniversary as pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church with a weekend filled with events, including a parade on the downtown square and two banquets that were held in his honor.


It was a fitting celebration commemorating the milestone of a man who has been shepherding the same ministry where he grew up worshipping as a child.    


“Shiloh has been a family affair for me. I saw many of the mothers in my church as my mother when I was growing up. I had a group of aunties in the church and friends who were like brothers and sisters to me,” said Dr. Lee. “All of these people wrapped their arms around me and encouraged me. I was a young man who they wanted to see succeed.”


A Henry County resident for most of his life, Dr. Lee, 68, said the 145-year-old Shiloh is where his mother’s family has worshipped for many generations. He was licensed to preach at Shiloh when he was just 16 years old.

In pastoring and leading God’s people, Dr. Lee said he followed in the footsteps of his father.  




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