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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed issues statement on passage of Republican Tax Bill

“The Republican tax bill passed today is historically unpopular legislation that benefits corporations and the top one percent of Americans at the expense of the middle-class and working families that Mr. Trump vowed to help during his campaign. Middle-class families, local schools, drug-treatment centers and other essential public services all stand to lose under this tax scam masquerading as reform, while real-estate millionaires like Mr. Trump will reap the benefits. By adding nearly $1.5 trillion to the debt, Republicans have put our nation’s health and our children’s future at risk, by slashing funding to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other programs which are vital to the survival of so many Americans. With this bill, Mr. Trump and his Republican allies have shown again that they are out to enrich themselves and their high-dollar donors no matter the cost to middle-class Americans. This is a shameful moment in our history – and one voters will not soon forget.”

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