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Rockdale County’s Jordan Dillard hopes to head to Africa

Rockdale County resident Jordan Dillard is a finalist to become a fellow to aid the Basketball Health Corps in Rwanda.

Every year, Shooting Touch, a Boston-based organization sends fellows to Rwanda for 11 months to aid the Basketball Health Corps in a number of different outreach programs for local youths.

Dillard, who is  a senior on the women’s basketball team at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, is seeking as many viewers as possible to watch her “Shooting Touch” video application to try and win a scholarship for the program.

On her YouTube video, Dillard discusses how playing basketball has provided several opportunities for her to travel around the country and abroad to participate in community outreach. She said she is especially interested in using basketball to make a difference in the lives of youths.

“I’ve always had an ability to work with kids and to mentor them in a way that allows them to reach their full potential… I think that I’m perfect for this position because of how I’ve lived my life so far and because of the opportunities that I’ve been presented with. They’ve all kind of groomed me for a position like this,” Dillard said.

Dillard is the daughter of Courtney and Gayla J. Dillard, MD.   Jordan Dillard’s video can be viewed at: https://youtube/kTnfHlmDsUs .

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