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Dawn of a New City in DeKalb

City of Stonecrest races stack up with 20 candidates

Top:Stakeholders packed out the DeKalb Medical Hillandale Auditorium to learn about the city and other activities
Top: Stakeholders packed out the DeKalb Medical Hillandale Auditorium to learn about the city and other activities


Bottom: Jason Lary stands at center as he speaks with some of the candidates who are running for office Photos by Glenn L. Morgan/ OCG News
Bottom: Jason Lary stands at center as he speaks with some of the candidates who are running for office
Photos by Glenn L. Morgan/ OCG News


It’s campaign season in DeKalb County’s new city of Stonecrest and the candidates running for office are already stomping for votes.

At the Jan. 12 meeting held by the Governor’s Commission on the City of Stonecrest, the volunteer group that is laying the groundwork for the new city, several of the candidates attended and were permitted to introduce themselves. The DeKalb Medical Auditorium where the meeting was held was prime ground for networking: The facility was packed with stakeholders.

“We held the meeting to update residents on various issues, adopt resolutions, initiate activities of the Stonecrest Community Committee, and other related business,” said Joel Thibodeaux, who chairs the governor’s commission.

A constituent, Johnny Waits, asked if those running for office could introduce themselves and 14 came forward.

Twenty people have officially declared their candidacy for the March 21 special election. Three people are running for the top job as mayor: Jason Lary, who led the effort to create Stonecrest; Charles S. Hill II, who holds degrees from Morehouse College and Harvard University and will graduate in the spring from Yale University; and Douglas E. Favors II, who is self-employed and has a background in retail and management.

There are 17 contenders vying for seats on the five-member City Council. Those elected to Posts 1, 3 and 5 will serve four years, along with the mayor. Those elected to Posts 2 and 4 will serve 4 years so that in the future, elections will be staggered to prevent all of the positions from being open at the same time.

The candidates who qualified to run by paying fees of $600 for mayor and $450 for City Council represent a diverse group that includes educators, entrepreneurs, managers, authors, a military veteran and a retired police officer.

H. Maxine Daniels, DeKalb County’s director of Voter Registration and Elections, said the list of candidates continually grew during the three-day qualifying period, Jan. 9-11.

“We had several come on the last day to qualify,” said Daniels. “Everything went smoothly. There were no problems.”

Each council member will represent 10,000 residents in the city of 50,000.

Daniels said her staff is already planning for the special election specifically looking at which precincts will serve eligible voters.

Some of the precincts only have about 75 people who live within that geographic area so we know that we are going to have to combine some precincts so that we don’t waste a lot of resources,” said Daniels.

Daniels said that residents will be notified by mail within a month of the special election telling them where they should go to vote.

The 20 candidates running for office are:




Jason Lary

6844 Main Street

Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 770-484-8740



Douglas FavorsDouglas E. Favors, II

P.O. Box 361436

Decatur, GA 30036

Phone: 678-292-6852



Charles S. Hill II.Charles Hill, II

4135 N. Goddard Road

Lithonia, GA 30038

Phone: 404-234-1990



City Council, Post 1


JimmyClanton_Headshot_011117Jimmy Clanton

P.O. Box 1495

Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 404-657-6283



Charles RossCharles Ross

P.O. Box 870928

Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Phone: 404-272-4633




City Council, Post 2


Plez JoynerPlez A. Joyner

P.O. Box 1462

Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 404-915-5038




Alexis MorrisAlexis Bethel Morris

5184 Miller Woods Drive

Lithonia, GA 30035

Phone: 404-670-3184



Gretchen TorbertGretchen Jones Torbert

P.O. Box 339

Lithonia, GA 30074

Phone: 770-648-4982



Rob Turner(1)Rob Turner

P.O. Box 361214

Decatur, GA 30036

Phone: 470-223-5991




City Council, Post 3


Jazzmin CobbleJazzmin Randall Cobble

5545 Alpine Court

Lithonia, GA 30038

Phone: 404-644-905



Hubbard_flagEric Hubbard

P.O. Box 1374

Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 678-321-8763




City Council, District 4


Geraldine Champion

5076 Miners Creek Circle

Lithonia, GA 30038



jay cunninghamJesse “Jay” Cunningham

P.O. Box 360946

Decatur, GA 30036

Phone: 404-482-4857



Mary-Pat Hector

3497 Hunters Hill Drive

Lithonia, GA 30038

Phone: 678-508-4086



Jonathan “JP” Phillips

5266 Sandy Shores Court

Lithonia, GA 30038

Phone: 678-613-7933



George Turner, Jr.

P.O. Box 2178

Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 404-886-2053




City Council, District 5


diane adomaDiane Daniels Adoma

P.O. Box 1376

Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 470-223-6039




Tammy GrimesTammy L. Grimes

P.O. Box 756

Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 678-323-8466





Lloyd MorrisonLloyd Morrison

3035 Stone Mountain Street

Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 904-412-9947



Richard Stone

5706 Southcrest Lane

Lithonia, GA 30038

Phone: 404-824-9218


5 Comments on Dawn of a New City in DeKalb

  1. Jason Lary is by far the most qualified person to lead the City of Stonecrest. We are now a city because of his years of hard work. Mr. Lary has my and my husband’s vote for mayor.

  2. Jason Lary has been the chief architect and visionary for the City of Stonecrest for over four years. The voters asked for his vision of Stonecrest, and as a proud resident of Stonecrest, I can say unequivocally that he has earned the opportunity to bring that vision to a reality as our mayor. Vote Jason Lary Mayor of Stonecrest.

  3. I think the first step to truly being “invested” in any portion of Dekalb is to be a homeowner and actually pay taxes. Jazzmin Cobble is clearly a renter who has no vested interest in this community. She will not represent my family in Post 3.

  4. Stonecrest has the potential of becoming one of, if not, the wealthiest and most effectively run Black cities in the US. As a long time resident of what is now Stonecrest I want to hear definite plans and timetable for projects and especially development from all candidates. I not only want to know what their vision is but how they plan to accomplish it. Also for those candidates who have stated they have investors ready, willing and able to invest and help develop Stonecrest we need to know specifics of what these developer’s plans are. We do not need anymore gas stations, apartment complexes, beauty supplies, hair salons or fast food restaurants. We do not want Stonecrest to become another urban waste land. The potential for greatness of Stonecrest is dependent upon its elected officials.

    • Faye Coffield – thanks for your comment and my sentiments exactly. Neither do we need any more discount/dollar stores. In order to attract/keep investors and big businesses, we will also need competent, efficient, customer service driven governmental divisions (code, permitting, etc), not people who are not willing to go the extra mile to assist. Otherwise, those investors/big businesses will drive a couple more miles, one county over where they will.

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