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DeKalb’s Operation Clean Sweep passes 200-ton milestone

Since its kickoff March 11, Operation Clean Sweep crews have worked each Saturday to clear more than 200 tons of debris from more than 40 miles of major DeKalb County roadways.

“This multi-departmental effort by the county shows what we can all accomplish when we work together,” said DeKalb Beautification Director Marcus Kellum. “There is a dramatic difference in the appearance of the serviced roads, and all around the county, we’re working to bring the pride back to DeKalb.”

Operation Clean Sweep is targeting arterial roadways before turning a focus to collector, then residential, streets. Crews clear grass, trash and debris from roadway drains and curbs, mow county-owned rights-of-way and remove litter.

While crews will continue to their work each Saturday, DeKalb is expanding its blight-fighting efforts by ramping up outreach, education and community involvement. Neighborhood associations, businesses or community group can participate in Adopt-a-Road, Adopt-a-Stop, community cleanups and beautification events with Keep DeKalb Beautiful.

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