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Instilling Pride

Beautification Club takes root at Barack H. Obama Magnet School

Photo by Glenn Morgan | On Common Ground News

Students at DeKalb County’s Barack H. Obama Magnet School of Technology, formerly known as Clifton Elementary, donned orange aprons to work on a special project just ahead of Easter. Home Depot provided the aprons and Do-It-Yourself Easter basket kits as part of the launch of the new school’s Beautification Club.

Photo by Glenn Morgan | On Common Ground News

Dr. Betty Mayfield, who founded the Beautification Club, said the project is one of many she is looking forward to as she helps students learn what it means to take ownership of their school and live up to the name of the school, which honors President Barack Obama, the first African American President of the U.S.

Photo by Glenn Morgan | On Common Ground News

“We want our school grounds to remain beautiful. We want the students to share in that pride and learn how to keep our school beautiful, while learning about green space, the environment and the science of how soil works and how things grow,” said Mayfield, who teaches kindergarten and first grade. She assisted Principal Angela Thomas Bethea and Assistant Principals Pamela Wooley and Winfred Watts in launching the beautification ceremony on April 12.

In addition to the Wesley Chapel Road Home Depot in Decatur, Mayfield thanked other sponsors who made the beautification ceremony a success: Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Intown Ace Hardware in Decatur pitched in respectively to provide refreshments, a huge Easter Lilly for the school’s atrium, garden benches and planters for the project.

The school’s Beautification Club is open to all students and Mayfield said the club plans to collaborate with 4-H members to work on projects.

3 Comments on Instilling Pride

  1. My friend Betty, doing what she does best, making the world a little more beautiful with her presence and expertise.

  2. This is congratulations!
    Love hearing the positive, your students are very fortunate. We here so many bad reports dealing with schools, students and teachers. Love and Blessings!

  3. Dr. Betty Mayfield deserves to be formally acknowledged and utilized by the DeKalb County School Disrict Board & Superintendent, in order to initiate this incredible “Model”, district-wide, for the benefit of all DeKalb students. Innovation in learning that relate to Nature and teaching students to enjoy purposeful outdoor activities is very important and has been missing from the day-to-day school curriculum for far to long! KUDOS to Dr. Betty Mayfield for being Intentional and for having a clear Vision tthat helps children connect with a reality that is extremely more powerful than Trchnokogy, Awesome “Mother Nature”!

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