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Wesley Chapel Library to host “Keeping Kids Out of Prison” seminar

Watchdogs for Justice (WFJ), a nonprofit organization established for the specific purpose of “Keeping Kids out of Prison,” will conduct a free seminar on April 22, 2 to 4 p.m., at the Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown Library, 2861 Wesley Chapel Road, Decatur.

Watchdogs for Justice is a group of attorneys and juvenile advocates who joined forces to offer tips to youths, their parents, and concerned citizens on how to stay out of the system.

The seminar will consist of interactive skits that are based on actual court cases. Most of the kids can relate to the stories based on their own personal experience or that of a friend or relative.

WFJ also makes use of the stories in its crime-prevention books, which show clearly how one wrong decision can have lifetime tragic consequences.

Participants will also learn about their Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights and what to do when stopped by the police. Teens and tweens, parents, and concerned community members are invited.
For more information, call 678-412-2299 or visit

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